Friday, June 15, 2007

Day 4, 127.0km

First real fill-up, today. Surprisingly, there's a little audible alert when the fuel gets low. My perplexing problem: The specs say the tank will hold 1.32 gallons, but I pumped 1.45 gallons in (making me wonder how accurate the fuel dispensing equipment is), and the fuel gauge isn't at 100%. Unlike the Vino, the filler neck of the Agility is a perfect fit for the fuel nozzle, so it's tough to gauge how full the tank is when re-fueling (and if you've ever put gas for your lawnmower in a little can, you know how tough it is to make the fuel flow slowly enough into that to keep from overflowing and making a mess, eh?).

I guess "close to full" is full enough, though.

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