Saturday, June 30, 2007

First Scheduled Maintenance Day

... according to the official user's manual supplied by Kymco, anyway. I know there are some "hard break-in" proponents out there, but what the hell -- the manual says to do it this way (at 300km), so I do it this way.

I did the gear oil change, first. The photos of the final drive case in the user manual and in the shop manual (gleaned online here) both depict a completely different case configuration than what's on my Agility 125, with a drain plug that faces downward. If yours looks like mine, the photo above will help you figure out what's going on.

The oil that came out was a very dark, olive green in color... much darker than the SAE 80W90 that went back in (which was also greenish in tint, but looked more like extra virgin olive oil).

Yep, I overfilled the gearbox by about 100ml... so I waited. And waited. And waited... until it stopped weeping out of the filler hole. It's easy to overfill, since there's no damn way you can see back in there to see how full the gearbox is. Since the manual says, "... to the bottom edge of the fill hole," I figure once it stops weeping out while on the center stand, on level ground, it's as full as it should be. :)

The engine oil change was a piece of cake, except for breaking loose the drain plug... holy shit. That thang was put on with an impact wrench, I have no doubt. I eventually broke it loose standing on the short-handled wrench from my socket set -- there was very little room between the center stand and the handle to get any leverage, but the bolt came loose, finally, unmolested.

All is well, but the idling issue remains... I have the idle screw turned inward as far as it will go, but it's having no effect -- the engine will die if some throttle isn't applied. I'll be e-mailing James about this, tonight.


  1. Hey, if you need some advice, describe your problem at scootdawg, those guys are awesome.

  2. jeffraham,
    Can't the people who sold you the scooter help you with the idle problem? You haven't had it very long, after all.

  3. Soprano -- Absolutely! I've got an e-mail in to James. It's still serviceable, but not optimally so, so it's not a huge emergency. His shop opens again on Tuesday, so if my tinkering doesn't fix it, I'll head over there next week.

  4. Thanks for these photos, my manual shows different photos also