Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Low Fuel Dinger, Etc.

Yep -- it wasn't my imagination. I had to try it out, just to make sure, so I let that needle drop to "E" and beyond (and you'll know why I felt confident doing that in a minute). Sure enough, the "ding!ding!ding!" sound came on this afternoon, again as I was leaving work. It had to be me, 'cause there wasn't anything nearby that could have made the sound.

I was looking at my bank statement, online, and noticed $1.45 to "Tri-Star Energy" listed. Hmmm. I couldn't recall spending that little on my debit card anywhere. Turns out that was the day (a week ago) I thought I'd pumped 1.45 gallons into tank, when it must have been more like 0.5 gallons. :)

I checked the fuel level, visually, this morning, shaking the tail of the scooter while I eyeballed the fuel sloshing around. Oh, there was plenty of gas in there, even though the needle was reading nearly "E."

After leaving work today, I should have thought to shut the engine off, and start it again, to see if the "ding!ding!ding!" would repeat to remind me to get gas -- even though in reality, I had between a half- and a third-gallon of fuel, remaining. I guess it's better that the gauge be off in the pessimistic direction than the other way, hm? :) But dang... 1/3 gallon is nearly a quarter-tankful in this machine!

So, for the week, (exactly a week between fill-ups) I drove 141.6km (~88 miles) on just under a gallon of gas. I seem to be getting around 92 mpg. Dang... and it isn't even fully broken in, yet.

How do you like THEM apples?

Oh, also, on the way back home, I sighted a huge dude (must've been 325 lbs.) haulin' ass though my neighborhood on what had to be a souped-up, bug-eyed Zuma... in classic hurt-your-eyes Team Yamaha Blue. We tootled at one another as we passed. :)

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