Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Day Ten: Vino, Bus, Bus, Vino

James called at ~8:30 last night -- he's obviously a very dedicated guy, trying to grow his business, and do right by his customers. Unfortunately, at that time, he wasn't having a whole lot of luck with the new carb, either, but he's made the offer of a loaner scoot, and KymcoUSA seems to be paying better attention to his desires to keep a customer happy. That's as it should be, because obviously, there was a defect in the product when it arrived -- certainly not James' fault. As they say, "shit happens."

Really, the Vino/bus combo isn't so terrible; I've gotten used to the bus routine, as much as I dreaded that long walk to/from the bus stop. But now with the license issues squared away, adding the Vino to the mix eliminates the hot, sweaty walk. There's no way the bus is as convenient as hopping on the Kymco and taking off at a moment's notice, but it works out pretty well, most days.

I do wish the Vino had a topbox and a curry hook, though. :) I get some funny looks on that Vino, with frozen pizzas and toilet paper bungeed to the luggage rack, and a big jug of cat litter between my feet!

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