Sunday, November 11, 2007

Headlight Bub

See, a "bub" is what my peoples call a bulb.

The Vino's low-beam went out, tonight, after an egregious encounter with a bump in the pavement. I didn't notice until a cop turned in front of me (at a light; s/he turned the direction I was going, and my light just turned green, so I'm behind him/her at a safe distance). S/He tapped his/her brakes a couple of times, then accelerated up Robertson Ave., whipped into a parking lot, and did a 180°, coming back my way. S/He flashed his/her headlights, and put the spotlight on me, and kept going, without stopping.

I guess I didn't notice 'cause the route I was traveling was well-lit with HPS streetlights. But sure 'nuf...

I see where some people have replaced the stock 35W bub with a 55W one... claims of no harm, but I wonder if the, um... magneto (?) would be stressed by this.

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