Monday, January 7, 2008

James! Sell Me Some $h1+!

Yo, dood! Yo!

I was gonna call ya from work today, but got busy.

I'd like to order some tires for the Vino 50. They're both 80/90-10 35J (whatever the hell that means). I'll call ya about what I'd like to get (something taller, something "stickier," maybe whitewalls), and find out how much you folx will charge for mounting/balancing, etc. I'd like to do this by month's end, if possible.

Also need to talk to ya about a bigger scooter, for this spring/summer. I want your pitch on something 250cc+ (I'm looking at Bergmans, Majestys, etc.). I think I wanna try interstates.

Also, any ideas for storage for the Vino 50 that don't block the fuel inlet. :)

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