Thursday, January 31, 2008

Update (Oy)

I'm neglecting this here bloggie, I know.

Truth is, there's not a lot of joy in cold-weather scootin'... but I'm committed. :)

Anywhoo! Some handy news you (Dear Scooterist) can use!

Having trouble with tailgaters? Yes, I do the left-hand low, palm facing aft, gently pushing. But here's one that's a hell of a lot more effective for me, in Gnashvegas, anyway: Spank the rear fender with your left paw, as if you were "whipping" a horse, urging it to go faster (h-YAH!). It's never failed me. I can imagine that it causes the tailgater to laugh, and then realize that I'm going as fast as I can! :) It has the desired effect, at any rate.

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