Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Groundhog Saw His Scooter

Six more weeks of shitty scooting weather! Yay!

I rode over to ESS to see what was shakin'. I wanted to see if James had found me some tires, and since the weather was SO awesome (up near 60°F!), I had a mind to replace the crappy (free with the CDM) 3/4 helmet I occasionally use when it's not too cold.

I wound up buying a Fulmer AF655:

... and a tinted quick-release shield. All told, under $100. Also, a good, Tennessee company (Memphis).

I also got to see the Kymco Agility 125 (yes, I have one!) that James commissioned to have painted in Vanderbilt gold and black. He has a Commodore logo decal on the front; I wish I'd have taken a photo of it, as it is VERY sharp!

James let me test ride this Kymco People S200, too:

This is my first ride on a scooter w/16" wheels. Man, this bike is incredible. I was impressed. I may have to preview the 250cc model, as I was quite comfortable on this. The seat height was about an inch lower than my Agility, despite the much larger wheels. The weight was very managable, too.

Anyway, this new helmet is a perfect fit, and it deflects most of the wind when the shield is fully closed. My chin was gettin' chilly on the ride home (I got a later start than intended over to ESS, and then stopped for a haircut on the way back, so the sun was setting by the time I was heading back), but it was mucho more comfy than the "CAN" cheapo 3/4 I rode there, wearing.

A good scooting day, y'all!

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