Sunday, February 3, 2008

Helmet Shootout

Well, not really... but I have to ask again, why do MidTNers have such a time spelling "helmet"?

Here are my two main hats, now. On the left, the icon Mainframe Halo in silver (purchased online, new); on the right, the Fulmer AF655 (purchased at ESS, new). We could discuss the relative safety merits of full-face vs. open-face, and so we shall... but I don't have much to say about it, other than I feel absolutely certain full-face is safer. There's always the chance that you chin area is going to impact something much harder than your jaw -- that risk is there.

More importantly to me is the whole DOT/Snell issue. There are people who won't ride with a DOT-only helmet, which I have to question, after reading this.

At any rate, what I like most about the open face design is that I don't have to remove my eyeglasses to don the hat.

Both of these helmets are size L, and fit my melon snugly. They both have removable, washable liners, which is good for hygiene, and both have proprietary quick-release shields (and they're not terribly expensive to replace -- $20 or less). I did buy the extra tinted shield for the Fulmer, but have yet to put it on. When the sunny weather hits, I'll swap it out... I'm sure it makes the whole hat look a lot more Star Wars.

Both of these cost (total, as described) just under $100, each.

So, what's your hat? What do you think of modulars? What are your views on open- vs, full-face? Dot vs. Snell?

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  1. Good looking helmets. My second biggest concern to safety is noise level. I ride naked bikes more than anything. I assume full face is quieter but I never really thought about it.

    As far as Snell vs DOT, my next lid will probably be snell. I have a family now and make more money so I guess it is worth it to pop for one. I currently ride with a DOT AGV. Not sure what model but it was the cheapest 5 years ago. :o