Monday, April 14, 2008

The Agility Comes Home

As always, a day late and a dollar short. And, depending on the willingness of Enterprise Rent-A-Car to be reasonable, I will either be declaring absolute consumer jihad on them on the intarwebbs, or not.

See, they rented me a truck, understanding that I was going to load a scooter in it, and haul it home. Problem? They just got this truck days ago. It wasn't prepped to be rented. It had a temp tag, taped behind dark tinted glass (a TN violation); it had tags on the tires. Worst yet, it had a cheap Chinese plastic bedliner in it, with no fuckin' holes for access to the tie-down loops in the truck's bed...! Now, the manager said I could cut the holes, but is this marked on the liner? No. And why am I doing their fucking job for them? I'm not comfortable with cutting on a bedliner that ain't mine. I'm pretty sure the Full Monty insurance I bought would NOT cover that modification.

Four plastic clips are all that held the liner in, so I said "fuck it," and took it out. Left it at sittenpretty's, called Enterprise Rent-A-Car to give them the address where it could be retrieved, which they didn't take down. Enterprise employee said the liner HAD to come back, or I'd be dinged. I told 'em I'd let our attorneys work it out. "buh-BYE!" :)

Loaded the scooter, and on my way.

This shows not only where I was, but where I was born, and a lot of other places I've both been, and not been. :) I've lived my entire almost-45 years inside this map!

Thang is, Mologogo can only track like the last 100 minutes of a trip at any given time, unless you reset the polling interval (which I haven't looked into doing yet).

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  1. You got the Agility back? Nice!