Friday, April 18, 2008

A Quick Stop By East Side Scooters

Just wanted to see if James was around. He wasn't, but his lovely bride, Josephine, was there. Always nice to see her. Remind me to pay her for an Agility 125 key blank... she didn't have the price in the 'puter, so she let me take it, anyway. I have to go in soon and have those new tires put on the Vino, y'know. And I'll probably order a new front tire for BRU, while I'm at it. The plug is holding fine, but I'm wary of any kind of front-end blow-out.

I reckon I'll write up my consumer jihad against Enterprise Rent-A-Car, tomorrow or Sunday. Depends on what they wanna do for me.

UPDATE: Oh! Forgot the important thang! ESS now carries Sym! That's in addition to Genuine and Kymco -- all fine, Taiwanese machinery. Go, Taiwan!

They presently stock a Fiddle, and a couple or three Mios. The Mio is super-cute... sweeter lookin' than the Honda Metropolitan, IMO. The Fiddle is 2-stroke, so it ought to torque up, nicely.

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