Saturday, April 5, 2008

Vino Friday

I got a pair of 12-LED 1157 bulbs -- one each for the respective taillights of the Vino and the P250 -- and installed them, Wednesday or Thursday evening. In the case of the Vino, it was "must have" if I were going to ride it, as the lens replacement for the taillight won't be in until later this coming week, 'cause I ordered an oil-filler lid as well, and that was backordered. Yes, Tennessee, like all wise states, does not allow white light to issue from the rear of any vehicle on the road, unless it is IN REVERSE, in which case, it's required (except for motorcycles and scooters). It's a safety/confusion thang. :)

For the P250, I figure everything I can do to lessen the current draw, the better and longer my evil GPS system can operate, unattended.

Anywhoo... where was I? Oh, yeah! Riding the Vino!

I rode it to work, Friday, in a frog-stranglin' rain. I even wore aquasox (Nike; they don't seem to make them, anymore), knowing I'd be splashing through some puddles. It wasn't the rain, I swear... but the Vino just felt... twitchy. It's like I could think of moving my hip, and switch lanes.

Yeah, these two bikes are very different, indeed.

This all still works, btw... but... for how long? Dunno. I wonder if I can glue a Petri dish to the top of it.

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