Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm Pretty Much Eat Up With Scooters

... these days.

I installed the beta system on one of ESS's test-ride scooters, and it's working like Bob. This one will sit on the scooter's battery continuously for two days, and not drain it to the point of "un-startability," even if it's not started in those two days. I bet it'll go more than three days. My radio/tv electronics classes are payin' off.

This is, as newscoma would say, Of The Good.

I also helped derestrict a 50cc Sym Fiddle, to some degree, tonight. Fun!

Dang. It's scooters, all the way up.


  1. Hi JP:

    Went to open your Kymco service manual, using Windows, and the tiresome contraption said Windows can't open it for some reason, probably of no relevance to the actual problem, as tends to be the case with Windows. Got any suggestions?


  2. Upsidasium -- It's a normal PDF file. E-mail me at jpre stonian a tgma ild ot com, and I can send a copy to ya.