Sunday, May 25, 2008

Scoot Nashville Ride To The Loveless

The official route. It can do more than help recover a stolen vehicle, y'know.

Scoot Nashvillians gather shortly after 2 p.m. at East Side Scooters.

We had 'em all. No snobbery, no airs, which is very cool. Mine was the sole Kymco on the ride. Here we have a Chinese Yamati Strada 150, close relative to my one beloved Ymoto Chinese Death Machine.

A metric buttload of Genuine Buddys 125 (and 150 -- all of which were from ESS, I reckon). Look -- there's two new ones with the drive-out tags still on 'em.

The Big Mama of the Vespa fambily -- Gran Turismo 250. Schweet bike.

This is the world's most pissed off lawnmower. Actually, it just sounded that way. Cool 'ped!

A Bajaj Cheetak. Rare around here (waves at Vestal Vespa in Colorado).

This Genuine Stella belongs to the Scoot Nashville guy, whose name I forgot (d'oh! Andy?).

The owner of this newer Vespa had a story to tell... a shipper decided to try out his scoot while it was in transit to him... and wrecked it. Oy. The sound of this scooter is incredible. And of course, except for the wrecked bits, it looks like a million bux, too. Love the paint.

The guy on his 50cc Honda Ruckus stayed with the lead pack most of the way to the Loveless. A Honda Metropolitan stayed up there pretty well, too! Not that anyone was trying to race, but about a third of the contingent dropped out before we got into Bellevue.

Murray made mopeds? Who knew?

An older Puch moped. The helmet has a "clergy" decal, which I have no doubt is genuine.

The gang's mostly here. :)

How many scooters do you see, and can you ID?



  1. So tell me about that Murray--4th pic up from bottom i think? Looks like a motorized bicycle?

    Is this an actual commercial product, is it still being made, does anybody around here carry it, how much is it, and can you get an attachable trailer sort of device to haul shit--aka groceries--in?

    I think the lack of haulage may be the only thing holding a lot of people back from scoots. Your own mention of being barely able to haul all of a six-pack home in your helmet storage bin suggests the problem for most people.


  2. xan -- Dunno much about the Murray, but I do suspect it's no longer made. I'll Google what I can find, and let ya know.

    Oh, and... the underseat storage on the People 250 is cavernous. I'd estimate about 40 liters. Plus, I have the Shad 29L topcase. I can fit a 12-pack (plus!) under the seat, and a sixer of bottles in the Shad. :)

    I regularly do a week's shopping on the Vino. It's all in how you finagle it.

  3. I found one for sale in Delaware...

    I gather these were made in the 1980s by Puch for Murray.