Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Nothing serious -- I was not on a scooter.

My pal/landlord/El Presidente of the condo association called to ask me about a couple of hideous purple chairs that were left by an neer-do-well by the dumpster, nearest my unit. Yes; they were still there. So, as El Presidente, he was tasked with removing them from the premises. I volunteered to help him load/unload them, in exchange for a ride to ESS, to pick up my Vino. I had it in the shop to have new tires put on.

So, we load the chairs, get waived into the drop-off for the dump w/o charge (yo!), unload the chairs, and head towards inner East Nashville. We turned from E Trinity to Gallatin, and were in a bit of a traffic jam. A light changed, and then BAM! Dood behind us (OH plate EET-8200) smacks into us, pretty hard!

The truck suffered little damage -- the bumper was bent downward, slightly, but unmarred, otherwise.

My neck, however, is a little sore. We'll see how it feels, tomorrow.

Anyway... baby's got a new pair of shooz!


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