Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thanks, MNPD!

I was coming back from a trip to the Harpeth River State Park yesterday, when a landscaping truck (big Ford pickup hauling a trailer loaded with lawn care equipment) rolled a stop sign, and pulled out in front of me without looking. Now, the driver did this far enough ahead of me that I was able to react calmly and safely, but c'mon... this is a neighborhood.

We come to the next intersection, where the driver rolls this stop sign, too. He wasn't paying as much attention as I was, 'cause I saw the Metro police cruiser pull up to the left perpendicular of this 4-way stop, and clearly heard the officer announce over his P.A., "Stop sign!" Well, it took another half a second for the cop to whip in behind our landscaper, blue lights ablaze.

Thanks, officer. Get these fuckers to think about their driving.

1 comment:

  1. Justice!

    In my neighborhood, usually the folks rolling the stop signs ARE the cops. Just sayin' ...