Monday, December 15, 2008

Absolutely Bad-Ass


Suzuki Gemma. Probably NEVER to be seen in the U.S. 250cc. Now why can't the People be this ugly-cool?

Send me a black one. AWESOME.



  1. Wowza indeed. Does that thing even qualify as a scooter?? It doesn't have the sit-up-straight-with-your-knees-together configuration.

    Looks more like a mini-motorcycle. console yourself that it is outside your operating parameters. :)

  2. Agree,
    very cool.

    Looks sort of like a ruckus with more plastic.

    I am thinking of getting a zuma 125 to replace my little ruckus. I wants to go faster.

  3. Reviews of the Zuma 125 have been uniformly excellent, as one might expect from a Yamaha product. They don't fuck around.