Saturday, December 6, 2008

Chuck Mead Video: Day Two

Oh, man. What an eventful day!  The star of the video got pulled over for speeding on a frickin' 70cc scooter (video coming later!)... and the day ended with me getting a job offer!  Yay!

Scooter hotties.  ;)  Said with respect. Good folx.
Where the magic happens -- the kickass RED cameras.

Franck, my French neighbor, with his awesome Kymco Grand Vista 250. Willie, who used to work at ESS, is behind him.

Baby, it's cold outside.

Chuck Mead, far left. Willie and Jeffraham, right.

More in a bit.

UPDATE: Okay, lots of people wanna know about The Gig. So, here it is. We're sitting at 3 Crow, when a scooter dood walks in, and starts chatting with the rest of us miscreants. Suddenly, he says, "Do y'all know anyone looking for a job?" My hand shoots up.  :)

He owns/runs a restaurant downtown, and they're starting a delivery service... on scooters. They just bought three 2009 Honda Ruckus(es), and just put this ad on craigslist. So, I jumped on that. I'll let y'all know when I find out more.

As for the video, Chuck's folx contacted James at ESS, who then contacted me... asking me to hold off on making the video clip I shot today, public. So, I'm holding onto it until they decide they wanna use it for PR. It would make for some smart, viral marketing, IMO, if done right.


  1. Job, one with a paycheck and all that good stuff? Yeah!

    Buckeye ...

  2. what was this offer?

    I lurve GrandVistas

  3. Awesome news about the gig. Good luck with that. Maybe one day I'll be a scooter dood and we can be co-workers.

  4. bez -- That would be ass-kicking on a major scale!