Saturday, December 13, 2008

Friday Night's Beer Run

Remember this sign? Well, the orange numbers on the left now read $1.559.

Not the point. Tonight, as I was pulling out of this Pilot station, a guy traveling east on Centennial decided to hang a left into the station... hurtling straight at Our (stationary) Hero, astride the People 250.

I layed on the horn -- I was as far right in the entryway as I could be, so I had little option for going anywhere but MORE in the way of this fool. He missed me by 12-18", and slowed to a near-stop, right after safely passing me. 

I'm proud to report that a called him a "drunken, stupid fucker," at the top of my lungs.

Not two miles later, I had a guy pull out of a driveway halfway -- not backing out, but in "D" -- when I was but 40 yards away. A judicious application of People horn got him in reverse, while my mad braking skillz saved my skin from ugly abrasions. 

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  1. Beer tastes better when you risk your life for it.