Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Night Train

Okay, it's mid-50°F outside at 11 p.m. I got a wild hair, and decided I needed to push the "revived" People 250; put it through its paces. 

So, I busted it WOT for a few miles on Interstate 40, tonight.

The interstate was pretty well vacant, but I got hit with rain on the return trip. No biggie -- but I gotta say, this bike is a fucking rocket. It's amazing what this scooter can do! It handles like a dream... at high speed, it's as if it were on rails. There's nothing the least bit scary about this machine.

I stopped off and picked up a few celebratory beers on the way back. I feel five years younger, after that ride. I doubt Einstein's theory of relativity has anything to do with that, but y'never know!

Scootin' life?  It's GOOD.

1 comment:

  1. You are clearly a deranged fucking psycho nitwit lunatic. However--as you will find out over the next several hours--this is adequately compensated for by a superb sense of timing.

    that little sprinkle you rode through will be going on, and getting progressively heavier, for the next god knows how many hours. Started here at about 8:30 and shows no sign whatever of letting up.

    so yes, consider this Safety Nazi as having given you what-for. Other than that, delighted to hear that your machine exceeded expectations if not design specs and gave you a thrill. Enjoy the shit out of it when the weather improves (but not before.)