Thursday, January 8, 2009

Review: StreetGlo Firefly Gloves

I recently agreed to become a product tester/reviewer for StreetGlo products, having been quite happy with my purchase of a custom-made reflective decal from them, last year. The Firefly gloves are the first product they've sent me for review.
The gloves are well-constructed, and have double-stitching on all main seams. The leather looks to be of good quality, and the palms are super thick (great for soaking up asphalt, should the need arise). The gloves are soft, flexible and comfortable (I'm typing with them on, right now, in fact!).

As the photo above shows, the reflective material appears grey in normal daylight, and feels a little like a super-soft suede leather, although I'm sure it's some sort of textured vinyl.

This is a flash photo taken against a flat-white wall. As you can see, the reflective patches throw the light right back at'cha... which is exactly what it should do. Also note the closure tab (Velcro), also with reflective detailing, assuring a comfy fit at the wrists.

Between the fingers, there's a spandex-like material, which allows for excellent finger articulation, and I presume in warmer weather, would also help ventilate the glove to keep them comfortable.

Even though it was only 36°F here when I went to the mailbox, I had to give 'em a try. I rode to a convenience store a couple of miles from home, and back, and yeah -- my exposed fingers were complaining. Once I got home, I left them on for a few minutes, and amazingly, my frozen digits warmed up very quickly, though. In cold weather, I haven't found a glove that can really keep my hands warm -- in fact, this on the left hand, and this on the right is the best solution I've found so far, in that regard. I've been thinking about those sleeves that go on the handlebars, lately.

Still, I felt a lot less vibration through the padded palms (a concern of mine on the People 250), and I can tell that once we get into the warmer weather, these are going to be standard gear for me. I like having gloves I can type or use a pen with, too; since I'm starting a courier business, these will be very handy (to coin a phrase). 

For $13.99/pair ($26.99 for full-fingered), you can't go wrong giving them a try.

UPDATE: If you find the fingerless gloves are a bit snug, here's a tip for removing them...

• Undo the Velcro wrist closure;
• Loosen the thumb area;
• Grip at the webbing between the middle and ring fingers, and pull. 

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  1. Hi CoJones :),

    temperatures around 18 F in the past month, still driving both Agility and Beverly. It requires some planning ahead though as the roads and scooters are covered in ice, especially in the morning. Thermal underwear and heated handgrips on both scooters are a must.

    Greetings from Rijeka, Croatia