Saturday, April 4, 2009

Heck's Rejects Do a City/Country Ride

The route...

We started with seven scooters, but Sean/Shawn/Shaun (spelling?) got frustrated with the number of stops I made, I suppose, so he got on Briley Parkway and booked it back to town (sorry, man!). However, Gene showed up near the end of the ride on his Vespa, replacing S.'s. :)

The video was shot on Gallatin Road, south of Old Hickory Boulevard. Lots of stop-n-go. There would have been more video (especially of the twisty parts of OHB), except for the fact that my Canon Powershot A560 came off its mounting at 50mph... and yet survived the trauma! The batteries were trashed, though. Nice NiMH Sonys, too. :(

So, at the end, we had four Kymcos (2x Grand Vista, 1x each Xciting 500 and People 250), two Vespas, and a SYM HD-200 that made the whole ride. Here's some photos:

Gathering at East Side Scooters.

Rick models a kickass Muppets t-shirt. :)

James and Franck talk shop at ESS.

Greg on his SYM HD-200 (possibly the best bang for the buck on the scooter market, today), and in a snazzy new Corazzo jacket.

The Charlotte Park Kymco 250 Club (existing members: Franck and me). :)

Once we rolled into the Old Country Store in Scottsboro, we split up. Four of us went on to Ashland City, and crossed the Cumberland onto River Road.

It was an awesome ride, overall, despite the glitches. Thanks to everyone showing up on short notice!

UPDATE: At 10:30 tonight, I discovered that I picked up a screw in my front tire, today, and it's now flat as a Kenda pancake. :( Hey, at least it didn't give out while I was at speed...!

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