Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ride to Franklin

Willy scheduled a ride for today, and it was a good long 'un, too.
If you like the idea of real-time GPS tracking via the web (as screen-shotted above, using the free Instamapper web site), talk to me. I have three units @ $60/each.

Gathering at ESS.

Rick apparently has a collection of Statler & Waldorf t-shirts, and a hell of a sense of humor.  :) He even turned me onto a job opening, today... thanks, man!

Greg and the gang land on Franklin Town Square.

"Yo -- Flock of Seagulls!"

Others had more and better photos and two guys were shooting helmet-cam video, so I'll wait to get 'em all, and put them up over at the ESS site.

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