Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tip o' the Hat: Metro Works

A lot of routes, I ride time and time, again. It's good practice, if you can manage it -- it helps you know where potholes and other road hazards are (or are developing), such as that one driveway that always has gravel or sand washed out of it after a rain. 
This morning, I had to go to the bank, and happened to notice a missing utility cover at the corner of Delaware and 51st Ave. N. Even with 16" wheels, I would not have wanted to hit that bad boy. So, I though about calling 862-8600, but instead, went to the Metro Public Works website, and filed a brief report.

Within hours, a Public Works employee had replaced the cover, and called to let me know it was done. Kudos!

On this past weekend's group ride, pottymouth and I both hit the same frickin' pothole on 8th Ave. S... it caused his exhaust to break loose, and he had to end the ride, there. Folx, please make note of that website, and report any dangerous road hazards for us two-wheelers. We pay for this service, and from this account, I have to say they seem to be responsive to the public. Let's all use it to make Nashville's streets safer.

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