Friday, May 15, 2009

Catastrophic FAIL

I was right about the gasket, but it was the opposite corner I had posited. Man, did it ever fail. Blowed up real good. After only 8400km (~5200 miles).
4.5 hours of labor + parts, and it's running good. Still not peaches-n-cream -- I'll have to tweak the idle (it kept wanting to die whenever I slowed down for a light, or the every 3' I spent for 2 miles trying to get past the TSU graduation crowds... feather, feather, grip the brake) and/or check the air intake for leaks, but hey... the major issue seems to be resolved. THANKS CHRIS & ESS!


  1. Did you take pictures of the work that has been done?

  2. Meant to tell you, CNN had a scooter story today.

    Of course, it was about electric scooters...but at least they bragged about the terrific mileage scooters got. :)

    rest of the story was on all-electric cars, Teslas and the like. Why anybody would bother making an e-scooter I dunno. I would think the batteries would add so much weight, compared to the teensy sips of gas one like yours uses, that the energy savings would come out a wash.

    Glad the head gasket is fixed anyway. Any idea what caused it to fail, in that particular location? High pressure there or something?

    Would this have been covered under warranty, with the mileage you have on it, if it had been bought new? Still think you ought to just invoice Kymco for the expense, tell 'em to charge it to PR for your services running this promotional website.