Sunday, May 24, 2009

Last Week For Better Karma

I'd really like for you to consider clicking this link, signing up with, and voting for my video in the contest.


'Cause I'm going to give it to this guy, if I win it. As bad as I seem to need wheels right now, I think Bez needs them worse. He's got a family to support, whereas I just have a couple of cats (and they're great cats, but they don't eat all that much).

So, please -- consider going over there and voting for my video, and voting against the other losers in the Top 5. ;)


  1. Holy Smokes, haven't been here in a while (no scooter or motorcycle, too depressed to read scooter blogs...) but finally got my Nighthawk running and clicked on your site to see what was up with you.

    I feel horrible about the People! Does the warranty cover anything? You mentioned it was a little messed up? Anything I can provide to help?

  2. Scott!

    Hey, man! Glad you have the Nighthawk runnin'.

    I wonder... do you have any of the original paperwork on the bike? Maybe with enough, I can persuade Kymco to cover at least part of the costs. Believe it or not, this blog is #4 on Google's results for "Kymco blog," so I'm hoping to get some goodwill from them, if nothing else. :)