Monday, June 1, 2009

Open Apology To KymcoUSA

Mea Maxima Culpa.

Although I didn't intend to go over the top with my open letter to the CEO of KymcoUSA, my dealer reminded me today that in fact, KymcoUSA has never denied me a warranty claim, and he's right. I haven't lodged one, as of yet, but I will.

I just assumed that any claim would be denied, because I'm a second owner, without all of the paperwork that I've read elsewhere on the 'net would be necessary to file such claims.

However, both my local dealer (who is handling the repairs) and I feel that KymcoUSA is a stand-up company, and willing to "work the problem" through to a mutually-satisfactory resolution. If my previous comments were seen as disparagement of Kymco, I sincerely apologize -- I did not intend for that to be the case. To forestall any misunderstandings, I've deleted the post describing what I thought had been a very fair description of my experiences with KymcoUSA (which have been overwhelmingly positive!), to date (including their dispatching of Mike Hancock to look at my Agility 125, a couple of summers ago).

I'll keep the blog updated with further news, as it comes in, but I think KymcoUSA is willing to work with me and James to "do the right thing" where my latest issues with the People 250 are concerned. I appreciate their help, and James' help (really, no one could hope for a better scooter dealer), throughout, and I hope that is very clear to everyone reading -- thank you for staying with me on this.

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