Sunday, June 7, 2009

SYM Fiddle: Lovin' This Bike

And again, a big shout-out to Josephine @ ESS for loaning it to me while the Kymco People 250 is in the shop. The parts they ordered for the People 250 from KymcoUSA last Monday didn't arrive last week, so I'm very grateful for the loaner Fiddle.

The SYM Fiddle is a ballsy li'l 49.4cc scooter that really makes me miss my Yamaha Vino. 10-inch wheels do make for a "twitchier" riding experience, but also one that's more responsive. I can flick this bike from one side of the lane to the other with barely any effort -- just a brief lean, and you're where you need to be, ASAP.

Josephine uses IPONE 2-stroke oil in her Fiddle, which is ostensibly strawberry-scented and smokeless. Smokeless, I can attest... but it doesn't smell anything like any strawberries I've ever huffed. :)

Overall, I'm so impressed with the quality of the Fiddle that I'm putting SYM at the top of my tryout list for my next scooter. I really like the looks of the Citycom 300i, so maybe I'll give that one a test ride, soon.


  1. give that rv250 a good look, it's a nice little bike, and a good bit cheaper. it does have a bigger feel than the citycom though, which has got a smaller scoot mentality, and i can see that being part of it's appeal.

  2. fs8gbe -- I guess my bigger point is this: If KymcoUSA decides not to honor the warranty repairs on the People 250, I don't see a good reason to allow the result for the #4 link for "Kymco blog" to be singing their praises. Instead, I think I'd rather let their competitors offer to trade me a scooter, and let me test ride it for 5200 miles to see if I have a blown head gasket and broken cam chain in that time.

  3. Second the RV250 -- the Citycom weighs more (405 lbs), but has the same horsepower (20.6) as the lighter RV250 (381 lbs, 20.6 HP).

    And the RV250 is a gadget-lovers dream, with all sorts of ports and lights.

    Maybe the Citycom runs more efficiently, or something. Just seems odd that they added 50cc and got no horsepower.