Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thanks For Comin' Out

We had ten scooters (11 people) show up at Bobbie's Dairy Dip today... only seven people (six scooters) braved Points West, though (Kerry and his lady had previous plans for the afternoon, and Willy's Plumgood PX150 started acting up just as he pulled in; and the rain which started just as we pulled into Norm's River Roadhouse caused Mark and his lady decide to head back to town).

Here's Mark's ladyfriend and Michael.

Kerry's ladyfriend, and Kerry on the far right.

Marty, Franck, Michael, Nora and I all made it into Norm's for PBRs and conversation about socialist Europe, and we got a photo of a mama turkey and her chicks. There was no acoustic jam, no horseshoes, but we killed a couple of hours, shootin' the shit, anyway.


  1. I've been thinking about a scooter/small motorcycle for my commute. It's a 100 to 120 miles a day, depending on work site, so it might not be practical. The biiger bikes are tres expensive and don't get much better mileage than my Honda Fit. My Fit is a stick, and if I'm careful, I can get just about 40mpg.

  2. George -- My People 250 will do 80mph, and gets better than 60mpg. Admittedly, I don't ride a lot on interstates (or I haven't so far), and to be honest, 400cc+ is going to be better for interstate use. At that point, you're looking at ~50mpg and under, generally, for a scooter.

    If you ride 55mph two-lane roads, and avoid interstates, there are several 125cc scooters that will do the job, and give you 80mpg+.