Monday, November 9, 2009

Ashland City

For November, the weather was impossibly nice, although clouds rolled in pretty quick and made it a little gloomier than I first thought, but no threat of rain. So, after a quick trip to the bank, I shot up Briley Parkway to Ashland City Highway.

Here's BRU at the Lewis Country Store, a Shell station in Scottsboro where I like to fill up.

Our hero on the porch of the Lewis Country Store.

A cool old Edsel cop car parked out front.

Rifles on the walls inside. Oh, yeah. Country decor!

The inside of the cool old Edsel cop car.

A tractor, out front.

A couple more tractors.

The obligatory country autumnal display.

With BRU's belly full, I headed on up Ashland City Highway, to Ashland City, proper, where my nearest Hardee's happens to be, to fill my belly. Their ads have had me jonesing to try a Big Hardee, which I did. Not bad for a fast food burger.

The Cumberland River, from the middle of the bridge in Ashland City.

Yours Truly, again.

From Ashland City, I went down 49 to 250, and into the Cheatham Wildlife Management Area, where hunting is allowed, apparently... but only in certain areas.

Not much to see in the CWMA. I actually went a few miles down Headquarters Road, which was a hard-packed dirt road with gravel on it. When I came up to the TWRA station, I was met by a TWRA ranger, who said I could go no further without a hunting permit. Just as well... I'd hate to be shot by some goob mistaking me for a deer.

He wanted to know if I was lost. "No -- just explorin' a little." The ride down 250 was a lot of twisty fun, though.

This is a watchtower right across the street from Grumpy's:

Then, I went back the way I came, turning off at River Road, and taking 251 south into Pegram, then west and back home on 70 (Charlotte Ave).

I saw a lot of two wheeled brothers on my trip (about 50 miles), and almost all of them gave the wave. On the way back, I even ended up behind a woman on a Honda Metropolitan... on a 55mph stretch of 70, no less. She was kind enough to pull off as soon as the light turned green. :)

What's really cool is that all along Ashland City Highway, River Road and a lot of the other roads I was on, today: There were signs posted frequently reminding motorists to share the road with bicyclists. Very cool for a rather rural route through the outlying areas of Nashville.


  1. pretty country. looks like it was fun. nice to get rides in before winter sets in. maybe moom pics next?

    was the edsel still in service?


  2. "moving." like pw park. loved those. thanks.