Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cucumber? Not Quite Yet.

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The whole overheating issue has been vexing me this month. I've been cautiously riding, pulling over and shutting it off whenever the gauge stayed at full-on HOT for more than a couple of minutes. Granted, most of my rides are 1-3 miles, so this hasn't been much of an issue... but on rides to the shop (~10 miles), I've had to stop midway, and sit for 15 minutes or so before continuing.

The symptoms pointed towards a bad thermostat -- one that would barely open at all. Replacing the thermostat today seemed at first to resolve the issue, but then I decided to really put it to the test. After five miles of issue-free riding, I hit the interstate. After a few minutes, I was again at full-on HOT, and pulled to the shoulder to let it cool, have a cigarette, and contemplate my next move.

UPDATE: Rode back into East Nashville for Josh Matthews's gig @ Drifters and back, tonight, using only surface roads (45mph, max), and only touched full-on HOT a couple of times for a few seconds... so something has improved, it would seem. I'm thinking there's air in the system. Will look into that tomorrow, since I have to pull the cowl back off anyway -- dumbass me forgot to plug the front turn indicators back in, today).

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