Friday, April 16, 2010

Hello, Hello!

Many thanks to JPrestonian for asking me to contribute here. I just got my first scooter about 2 months ago and am loving it. It seems the way things go for me is that anything I love turns out to have an issue! My current issue is my Grand Vista keeps bumping up to 4 notches on the thermostat gauge. It's quick and it's only happened after it's been sitting out in the sun all day. Hmmmm. Any advice? In another brainy move, I accidentally forgot to retighten my oil dipstick and rode down the street and splattered oil all of the side of my freshly cleaned beauty. I am now paranoid there's a funny noise. What have I done? Eek. Guess what I'll be doing with my Friday night? I hope to share some adventures from the road soon!

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