Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Non-Working Visit To ESS

Check out Keith Harmon's cool new mural!

Okay, we talked a little business... mostly stuff for the web site (like ditching the winter language, etc.), but otherwise, James and I just caught up on the last five weeks or so.

ESS just got a sweet consignment, in -- a white 2009 Kymco Grand Vista w/only 76 miles on the clock. You'll wanna stop in and see it before it is gone, 'cause it shore is purty (it'd even look cooler with big, fake dreadlocks hangin' off the backside of the front cowl... like Predator).

ESS also has a couple of Kymco Super 9s on consignment... more details to follow at their web site, but if you've been looking for a 2-stroke scooter to tweak and hot-rod, the Super 9 is the BEAST. Liquid-cooled 50cc? Geddouddatown. They're so hot and tweakable, Kymco doesn't even SELL this version in the U.S., anymore, but ESS has got 'em. Get 'em while you can.

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