Sunday, April 18, 2010

Test Ride: The Scariest 50cc on Planet Earth

UPDATE: 2004 Kymco Super 9 (2-stroke, liquid cooled)

Let me tell you somethin': You just don't expect a 50cc scooter to go more than 50 MPH, but this one did, on level ground, with my fat ass on it -- no big cylinder kit, no performance pipe. Just a simple derestriction of the variator and exhaust (which got my 2004 air-cooled Yamaha Vino 49cc to 38 MPH).

This is one bad mothraflocker. If I were working a real job right now, I would not be telling you about this until after I'd bought it for myself.

ESS is selling it right now for a third-party for $2200. If you'e looking for the baddest 50cc bike on the planet, you need to get there ASAP. I personally promise that you will NOT be sorry about buying this bike.

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