Thursday, May 13, 2010

Always At The Gas Pump

Photo by MarkinDetroit, used under Creative Commons license.

I'd say I get more questions about my scooter at the pump than anywhere else -- even the scooter shop. About 2/3rds of the time I pull up to fuel up, someone will ask me something about it, and often, it's a conversation that lasts five or more minutes.

Today was one of those days. I'm fueling at a local Shell station, when a Cadillac Escalade pulls alongside, and rolls down its passenger window:
Cadillac Escalade Guy: Hey, how you likin' your scooter?
Me: It's great. My sole vehicle since 2006!
Cadillac Escalade Guy: Cool! I got me a... a Kymco.
Me: Hey, this is a Kymco, too! It's not made anymore -- 2007, People 250. What model do you have?
Cadillac Escalade Guy: Mine's the 500.
Me: Oh, the Xciting 500? Yeah, that's the bad mother.
Cadillac Escalade Guy: Aw, I love it! I just don't know how to find other people to get together for rides, and whatnot!
Me: -- don't even have to write it down. It's simple!
Cadillac Escalade Guy: Great -- thanks! I keep drivin' by that place in East Nashville, and meanin' to stop in...
Me: East Side Scooters? [tugs at ESS t-shirt] Yeah, I work there, sometimes. Good people. In fact, I'm just comin' back from working this afternoon, there.
Cadillac Escalade Guy: You got a card?
Me Yeah, man... [hands guy card]
... and on it goes. I told him about the ride 5/30, so I bet we see him, real soon.

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