Sunday, May 23, 2010

Border Crossing

So, north to Alaska! No, to that other state where the teabagger dumbass is actually running for national office: Kentucky, land of my birth.

Little problem: Still overheating. This happened south of Springfield (home of The Simpsons, of course).

So, I pulled off U.S. 431, to let it cool down. Lonesome highway.

At least there was a nice wild daisy to try out a macro shot while I had a cigarette, and waited to cool down.

Springfield is a charming li'l town... what I saw of it. The old town is up the hill from 431, and I didn't go into the town square, but I will next time.

I cross into The Commonwealth...

... and snap this photo of the first burg over the line. The cardinal is the commonwealth bird.

A charming li'l biker bar, where I also stopped for a cool down (and a beer-up; they seem to do good business on Sunday afternoons, straddling, as they do, the TN/KY border... yes, this part of KY is dry, and doubly so on Sundays).

One of the Tenn-Tucky State Line Tavern's customers, driving an old Ford Galaxie, after which a street in my neighborhood is named!

I would not have expected to see this billboard on Clarksville Highway, less than 20 miles outside Nashville. This belongs in mer's neighborhood.

Another cool down period, taken in Beaman Park, off Old Hickory Blvd.

Do immature lightning bugs have yellow wings?

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