Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Ride Today

... was frickin' epic. This woman is the most dedicated scooter person in Nashville, and if we can sell 10 t-shirts this week, we'll tell "the rest of the story."

I will, however tell my story. It was a good one. I used a borrowed scooter, since BRU (or now, "Big HOT Ugly") was clearly not up to this 117-mile epic trek on a day like today.

What will I say about this? Well, the scooter performed very well. It was the same displacement as BRU (or "BHU," as it is), and rode much the same way without the annoying overheating issues. One thing I really liked about it was the comfort level -- it has a "feet-forward" riding position which I really dug, and a seat that puts more pressure on the tailbone than the "taint," so to speak. So, it's a winner on long rides, from that standpoint, hands (or taint!) down.

In other awesome news, I have to thank Marty for filling up the borrowed scooter for me, and to the nice woman in the photo above for buying me my first meal at the Loveless Cafe, which was (fittingly) biscuits and gravy.

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