Wednesday, July 28, 2010

BRU Is Back, Baby!

... but for how long is anyone's guess.

The ride home (which was over 15 miles, owing to the fact that I tore out of the shop without my license plate!) showed no overheating, noticeably less vibration, and much greater out-of-the-hole acceleration, owing perhaps to the new Dr. Pulley slider weights in the variator and the new drive belt. Maybe they're lighter than stock -- the new sliders are 20g.

More to come.

UPDATE, 23:22: Holy hell.

I'm riding a completely different machine.

I have take-off power that you can't even imagine. I can beat muscle cars off the line, no problem. Five blocks later, they'll smoke me, but until then, all they'll see is my taillight and my BOHICA.

Top speed is about 10mph lower, though, and that's a concern (I'm guessing the Dr. Pulley sliders are considerably lighter than the stock rollers). I did quite a bit of wide-open throttle riding, trying to provoke an overheating condition. Couldn't manage to get the temp gauge above 1/2, again, but my top speed was only about 72mph, indicated.

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