Thursday, July 1, 2010

Workin' At The Scooter Shop

A nervous moment, anyway.

Dood comes in, has talked to someone here, before. Is interested in the SYM Fiddle I'm currently riding (see below). He wants a test ride, so I get his license, copy it, print out a liability waiver, have him fill it out and sign it, and help him get fitted for a helmet.

I check him out on the controls, and get him to take a few passes around the parking lot. He asks to take it on a longer, off-site ride, and I say, "Sure! Take it down this side street, and bring it back a few times."

This guy's gone for more than 20 minutes. Around 15 minutes, I get worried, and take another bike out to see if I can locate his bleeding corpse. No sign of him in the neighborhood.

Around the 25-minute mark, he comes back. We all have a good laugh. Holy shit.

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