Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday's Ride

I knew I would need gas -- pulling in last night, the fuel gauge had started to move from "F," which means "fill up as soon as you can" on Big Red Ugly (when the LED comes on, that means, "you have another mile or two").

So, it was sunny, breezy and very warm and humid. I decided to jet up to Scottsboro, and perhaps head up Old Hickory Road towards Madison to meet up with my landlord. Halfway to Scottsboro, I saw the periwinkle-colored clouds building in the northwest... uh-oh. Storms are comin' quick.

So, I filled up, and headed home. I had been in the house for a couple of minutes when the monsoon hit, complete with window-rattling thunder and sideways rain.

Fuel usage sucked this tank: 55.9MPG. First bad tank since I got BRU back from the shop.

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