Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm Alive!!!

Oh, hello there! You don't remember me? I wouldn't be surprised! I haven't posted in a long while due to both life and laziness. I blame winter. Now that the Nashville weather has been cooperating lately, I got my Grand Vista (whom I call Hoss) out of sleep mode and hit the streets. She cranked right up and we were on our way. My, how I missed riding that thing. Scooting is the best way to spend a warm day. So on to the real reason for my post- I've recently been looking at the new KYMCO Like 200i. I can hardly imagine riding another scooter other than my GV but I sure do like the idea of something a bit smaller. I'm interested to see how it fits me because my GV is a perfect fit!! I plan to go by ESS tomorrow and check one out in person and see if the love translates when I hit the road on one! Of course, in saying that, I'd have to sell the ol' Hoss before I could buy a Like. Anyone have any thoughts? Pros? Cons? I'm all ears!

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