Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tales From The Shop

Yes, folks -- it's time once again to tell you about strange or humorous happenings at my local scooter shop.
Photo used under Creative Commons license. Photo by Jeremy Page.

I wasn't there today when the man brought it in, but he had a nice, new-looking Genuine Buddy 125. Rooster described it thusly: "So, the guy comes in, and he's got electrical tape all over his turn signal lenses, front and back. He says, 'The thing's actin' all crazy! I can't get the blinkers to stop!' So, I pull off the electrical tape, start it up... reach over and turn off the 4-way flasher switch, and the guy cusses, and walks off to talk to James. Next thing I know, he's stormin' out of the shop!"

James was with a customer while Rooster was telling the tale, but he later explained that the gentleman is an attorney in town, and was about to be late meeting a client, so he left in order to make that appointment. Yes, the poor guy felt like an idiot, and he later came to retrieve the scooter, carrying a six-pack of Miller Lite tallboys as payment, which James gladly accepted. Funnier than the n00b who forgets to set the kill switch to run, and wears out a leg trying to kick start it? I'll let you be the judge.

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