Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just Another Meet-Up

I pulled into Cafe Coco at 6:30, and Norm was waiting on me. We started talking, and he noticed my seat cover. Well, yeah. A couple of days ago, it was 1/4"... now, you can see. The donor bike has a perfectly cromulent seat, though.

After Ed and Andy showed up, it was 7:10, so we headed out. We went to Ed's house to peer-pressure his wife Michelle into riding over to Las Palmas with us. This is a found kitteh that is now attached to Michelle's Honda Metropolitan's rear rack.

The lineup, including Steve's Vespa GTS250 (he met us there).

We took a nice ride up to the hill off of 33rd Ave. to see the skyline, and then downtown to terrorize the tourists around 2nd Ave. and Broadway. That Stebel horn really gets a Nebraskan's attention. ;)

Anyway, on the ride back, I stopped long enough to get this shot in Centennial Park.

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