Friday, August 19, 2011

Oh, Deer

Photo used under Creative Commons license. Photo by Wyarr.

Yes, I encountered one, in Nashville, about a week ago. A doe so big, I thought she was a buck until I got close enough to note the lack of antlers.

I was riding back from the motel my brother and his family had procured last Thursday night -- actually, Friday morning, about 1 a.m. local time -- on Cabot Drive. I was about 600 yards from Annex Avenue where I saw her. I slowed considerably, and after sauntering across the road, she stood motionless in someone's front yard as I passed. My bigger concern was that she would get spooked, and either jump on me or directly in my path, but she didn't really get spooked until after I passed her.

What's so odd is this section of Cabot Drive is about 40 yards from Interstate 40, and about 200 yards from the Cumberland River, two boundaries that would seem to make it an unlikely hangout for a deer.

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