Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Unbearable Flatness

So, yeah. I ordered a Vee Rubber 140/70-16 for Bad Penny from Scooterworks last week (or at least I hope I did... I left a voicemail for Adam on Friday, but didn't hear back from him). The tread was getting thin, KymcoUSA is being a syphilitic goat's penis, so I didn't want to re-order the stock Kenda, and everything else seemed more expensive than what I wanted to try.

That said, I wanted beer last night, as I often do every time my former political party loses its ever-loving mind and doesn't let the National Lampoon editors go ahead and shoot the fucking dog on national TV. So, I hop on Bad Pen', and off I go. Oh, there's someone backing out of a space around the corner. Boy are they slow. Hey, is my tire low? Feels like it.

Two miles from home, it's obvious there is zero above atmospheric pressure in that tire. I end up walking the bike while it is running, giving it just enough throttle to make it semi-self-propelled (while I jog to keep up), as sitting on it is going to further ruin what's left of the tire, and cause some serious control issues, as well. Just another mile to the Shell station, where I will have the privilege of paying a dollar for use of the air compressor.

Which seems like a deal, if it keeps me from walk-running this beast back home another three miles... but the tire has broken bead, so I am cursing. And pounding. And cajoling. Finally, I hear the *pop!* *pop!* that lets me know the bead has been re-established, and I put a whole lot of air in that puppy.

Let's see if it can get me around until that Vee shows up.

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