Saturday, September 17, 2011

Temporary Wheels. Demonic Temporary Wheels.

Many of you automobile-only people have never seen a right-angle tire valve stem. That part is normal, and are not completely uncommon on scooter tires. What isn't normal is where about 25% of the business end of the soft, brass valve stem appears to have been ground off with a Dremel tool. This caused a problem with the valve's structural integrity, making Jeff ride a few miles at very low speed to an air compressor that costs $1.00 to use, and was very nearly useless in getting atmospheric pressure into said tire due to said valve stem.

Finally getting enough air into the tire to ride safely across town on it, I headed to the shop to open it today. Rooster had the day off, but we spoke on the phone, and he had to admit that the 90° valve stem was probably a bad call on his part -- he recently changed my rear tire, you might recall. Yes, it probably rubbed the reduction gear casing, causing what you see, above.

So, I'm riding the boss's Demon Buddy until Tuesday.

It is a wikkid bitch of a fish.

And Tara and Tonya brought me Cuban guava cake bars!

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