Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Ride-Day

So, @rubygirl asks if anyone's gonna ride. Sunny?  Check. 64°F?  Check.  Guy with two thumbs?  You know it.

I now think I have a damn near perfect 90-minute ride. It's a bit boring, but if you think River Road's fun, you'll like it, as we do all of River Road (which to me is about the most boring part of the ride) on this ride. One of the most fun parts to me is the little section of Little Pond Run Road leading up to Sam's Creek... and then of course Wiley Pardue Rd, through the Cheatham Wildlife Management Area (where The Duck was first awarded), and the stretch of TN-250 north to TN-49. Oh, and we started with that section of Old Charlotte Pike that rocks and rolls so very well.

The ride's about half roller coaster, half boring. Something for the whole fam damily!

UPDATE: Oh, right -- WTF?  Gas is getting near $3/gallon, again?  I filled up today for $3.069; last fill-up was $3.229, I think.


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