Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Gauntlet

Throw down!

Many of you have cages. All of you have Google Maps.

Between now and warm weather, go find the best rides possible in the Nashville area. Make them under two hours (90 minutes of riding time + 30 minutes of stops is, IMO, optimal), so we can do a nice group ride on a weekend day without cutting too severely into Family Time. Ending near somewhere that sells beer is a plus. My entry is depicted in the graphic, above. It's one hell of a ride, btw, and 125cc-friendly, too. If you've done the River Road ride on a 125, and felt like you were pushin' it, you'll like this ride better. It's not as boring, and my average speed on it is under 40MPH.

This is a challenge. Maybe someone will step up and offer incentives. I would, but I am too poor, presently.

UPDATE: Were I scoring, here's how that would work:

40% = Curviness
10% = Elevation changes
20% = Scenic
20% = Time between 60-90 minutes of riding time
5% = Two stops
5% = Ends near a place to get beer

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