Friday, April 20, 2012


I had to stop in Bost Harley-Davidson, which is less than four miles from my house, and I was near there, anyway. I needed a replacement faceshield for my Fulmer AF-655 helmet, but as luck would have it, now that East Side Scooters is closed, no Fulmer dealers here in town stock diddly-squat for Fulmer accessories. Anyway, this cop Harley was parked out front, presumably for some maintenance. Bost looks like a friggin' '50s diner, and in fact has a cafe in it. Even the vending machines inside have the H-D logo on them, no shit.

Bad Penny beside my cross-the-way officer neighbor's patrol car, which is always parked nearby. He's a big dude. Don't wanna mess with him, badge or no.

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