Saturday, May 26, 2012

Closing In On 35 Megameters

So, I thought I would get my CVT belt changed. Did the first one at 17,000km, and it appeared fine, even then. So did this one -- it was 1mm thinner width than the new one.
Rooster's moved into his new shop, which is in a building that is about 100' wide by 1200' long. Yeah... a quarter mile long. It's full of shit from where a bankrupted welding & electrical supply house abandoned all property and inventory. There are five fucking fork lifts in there. Drill presses, tools of every conception... you name it.

This is the back of the building. Millions of dollars worth of shit, just sitting there.

Peggy Sue wants to go for a ride on Bad Penny.

And Jesse Jackson just wants petted... continually, without cease.

Rooster completes the gruelling task of replacing my belt, and then tries to give me some shit about "friend prices," to which I tell him he needs all the cash flow he can get, right now. I paid him what ESS would have charged anyone off the street.

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